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When they first started, Fame Digital probably did not think that they would develop into such a super good network. They could not predict the future, but with hard work and now over 30 sites, they can safely claim that the current future is looking very bright for them indeed!

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The themes covered by the sites inside are different, interesting, and the variety is something special. They have a lot of official sites for some famed pornstars, directors, babes/models. The network also has a working relationship with many of the biggest studio production houses in the industry. The sources for all the DVD action porn you get inside this network is vetted, quality production.


The total amount of niches they have is not so easily ascertainable but they do have over 38 niches that they cover. That is one long list of variety right there! So many of the sites inside can so easily become your favorites. The network dumps some 18800+ videos and 18800+ picture galleries for members to watch. For hundreds of porn fans, that is enough information to seal the deal as far as joining this network goes. Those craving more info please do gather around! Having 30 sites means that the network has the freedom to experiment and cover things that other sites would not. It also means that the network has to invest heavily in navigation. They don’t want you to get lost in the sea of porn and start feeling frustrated more than horny and ready to cum!

You will be able to navigate smoothly. You get streaming/downloading movies. You can go site to site, check updates across network, or simply zoom into either niches, names, models, or other options available to you. They have search engine features. You can expect the material to have that DVD studio feel to it. They have hundred of material in full HD mode. The fast servers help in downloading and streaming. The DVD movies are cut into clips, easier to watch the clips. The model index they exhibit falls into the bracket of pretty basis, not a lot of info in there. But then again if all you want is information, maybe the site more suitable to your needs is Wikipedia, otherwise if hot niches hardcore-sex pornstars boobs asses and cum is what you seek, you will have plenty of that inside this network.

The video normally last 40 minutes, and the pic gallery is not bad but it also not the best. They have galleries inside with watermarked pics. One set of pics can have as many as 200 images inside. Again, a large percentage of the pics will satisfy most hardcore porn lovers. The insane-like volume you receive from Fame Digital is something to seriously take into consideration. They are a reputable company, with lots of pornstars, and thousands of hours of hardcore niches that will make your dick hurt very bad (but in a good way! LOL). You should check them out seriously!

Digital Playground Discount Access

Digital Playground simple plan is to stick to what they advertise on their tour page. They want to make sure that all members have full access to their HD pornographic goodness and that you overdose on the quality pornstar video action that they have. They want to make you an addict, more correctly their addict!

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And considering the kind of things we are looking at inside the tour page, this is very much a possibility. From the tour page, the next stop is the member’s area and here we found a lot more than we expected!


The member’s area is made in a way that no one can ignore the beauty of the material inside. The layout of the page plays up the erotic nasty pornstar smut action inside in a very good way. If they can make things easy and appealing for you, then it’s clear that you will spend more time inside their site. That is what they do. The updates come rushing in through the door weekly, 6 to 7 a week. You will be able to use tools that include tags, search tools, keywords, niches/categories, popularity, rating, date, and other features. The DVD look nice and they have 503+ inside, 1500+ picture galleries, and hundreds of models.

For the gals, you can see them nicely placed inside the model index. The information inside is updated religiously by the site making it detailed and very interesting. The material that they now produce is encased in HD graphics. That means you are looking at high-resolution images and 720p to 1080p clarity that is splendid all round. They do not have downloading options (something that irks us a lot) but the flash player streams every single detail you desire. If you need the DVD, productions that the company makes you can buy them and have them. If you are satisfied with streaming the porn, then get your tissue and start moaning as soon as you click “play” on any of the site’s productions.

If you run out of patience, you can stream small chunks of the DVD full length features. The hardcore material covers nasty hard penetrations of all holes from anal mouth to pussy. It also covers a litany of niches, with different angles, different models, different everything really! The coverage is nice because it gives members variety, but does it also offer them quality productions? Well, as far as the filming and production goes, there is nothing that can be disputed about the way that DP does its job. They are professionals. The images do offer low res quality that is not impressive as such, but they are still nice. The extras that you can find inside are things like behind scene action, some feeds, live chat functions, etc. the behind scene material is well over 270 videos by now.

The simple reason that Digital Playground has fans is because they do produce some astounding material. They have not disappointed as far as movie and pornstar porn production goes all the years they have been online. The site has hundreds of HD videos, and has the kind of deal that you should take advantage of. Check them out!

Lets Try Anal Discount Access

Men are so good at stereotyping women and this is a sad reality. But then again, a reality’s a reality and since you have become aware of this, you need to be the one to adjust and make sure that in your own ways, you are able to make the world a better place to live in the appearance of a gentleman, respecting the welfare of women.

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With that being said, make sure that when you want something from a woman, ask her politely and seek for her consent. Don’t take things out of coercion. And in a site I’m going to review today, it will tell you how to approach women, illustratively, on how you can ask her for anal sex, which is painful yet liberating as fuck. It’s called Lets Try Anal, so read on.


To have a penis comes the inevitability to insert it in a woman’s hole. But, it also comes to mind sometimes, how would it be to stick that dick inside that ass pit? You will see a full view of how anal sex works through Let’s Try. Fact: It actually hurts according to most women who have tried it. Nonetheless, they say it comes with a different type of orgasm, making it actually feel like a good kind of pain. It’s actually one of the fantasies of women to be doggy styled to be fucked not only in the pussy from the rear but also right into her booty.

Today, there are exactly 119 videos in the Let’s Try Anal database. It’s not really much, but every video is worth 25 minutes, which is more than the conventional porn clips, making them considerably mid-lengthed films. All the videos are originally owned by the company and they are all rendered in HD. On top of that, you can download any of the videos you want, so you’ll have some real keeps on your device or computer.

For that matter, we’re gonna have to consider the models — are they hot? Hell yeah, hot as newly forged blades, which is probably the most appropriate simile with them being workshopped and trained or self-experienced through the day to day sensual triggers of life. For something worth $9.95 (discounted), it’s definitely better than what it actually is. Lets Try Anal, folks!

ATK Petites Discount Access

You’ve already seen how glorious ATK Exotics is. Every video gives you this drunken sensation that makes you think, I want more and more but maybe later because I need to get sober first and live the mundane part of my life for the sake of my well-being. Porn videos from that site is definitely a great escape to the harsh realities of life, especially when you’re single.

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The creators of the site now bring you something else, another department of sensuality that you need to get full orientation with. Your new kind of alcohol and it’s called ATK Petites.


The answer to why petite women are so lovely to cuddle and fuck with is so simple: They’re the bomb. And why are they the bomb? They have everything but the height of a model. But you wouldn’t mind that because everything goes in perfect proportion. The real definition definition of a petite woman is illustrated through this awesome site, that she has the booty, the rack, the tight pussy, the kissable lips, the lovely face, the everything a man could wish for. She is tender and juicy, sweet and lovely. A man definitely cannot ask for more when he has a petite woman by his side. An everyday treat that never runs out. I could go on with this, but time to proceed.

ATK Petites, just like any ATK creation like Exotics, is yet another massive porn site. It’s one of your dreams that have finally come to life. Women below or at the most 5’4’’ weighing sexy. They are babes and they are young and fresh. Anyway, there are thousands of videos depicting these lovely treats and they range from lesbian to super hot hardcore action. There are 6,600 plus videos to choose from as of this day and this number grows on a weekly basis. You can choose from blowjobs to full sex videos. The point being: You can choose your area of focus and they are all catered by the finest petite women in town.

In addition, you can make the most out of everything by downloading as many videos as you want, so you can have your very own personal collection of favorites. With all that being said, ATK Petites is something you should now subscribe to, a personal nirvana waiting for your tapping. Enjoy!

Fucked Hard 18 Discount Access

There are different ways to scam a girl just to get laid with them. One of the classics would be to give a massage. I would actually say that is a win-win for both the girl and the boy.

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I mean, the girls get the pleasure of being massaged all throughout her body while the guy gets the payment in an equally pleasurable way. It could be also be with the situations reversed where the girl is the masseuse and the guy pretend to only want a massage just to get that sexy old lady to have sex with him. Well, you know how all of these schemes go and the very reason we’re talking about them is that I am going to give a quick review on Fucked Hard 18 today.


This is the website where you want to be with guys that you sure should try emulating. FuckedHard18, shows a lot of guys trying to bring different girls’ guards down just to have sex with them. As mentioned, it is the giving a massage trick, which 90 percent of the times works. All it takes is some reasonably good massaging skills and some balls to break the silence. You can never who among the girls around are actually down to fuck unless you try. And that is a lesson that this site has always been trying to teach its subscribers, that you can have whatever you want as long as you have the tenacity to go with the flow. All that can be seen through the highly authentic videos the team will teach you, for that matter.

Don’t get me wrong, Fucked Hard does not just take what they can get. They choose the girls they pretend to give a massage or pretend to get a massage from. That is where they go from, choosing a perspective and taking a plan of action into actuation. There are currently 340 plus videos for you to watch, with each video not going less than the 30-minute mark. You can also download the videos in various formats, but the site will automatically do the choosing for you since it is able to detect what device it is that you are using.

There’s so much more in the depths of Fucked Hard 18 and the best way to unravel that would be to see things for yourself through the $17.95 monthly subscription.

OnlyTease Discount Access

Balance is important, but there is a certain kind of enigma in the beauty of subtlety. It’s all about not giving much, but enough to get someone motivated.

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There are things that give that kind of effect in a person’s life. Such is the case with the site I am going to give a review about today. It’s a virtual space where you will find yourself in a striptease club, only that you are actually in the confines of your home or wherever you are using your media device for that matter. Without further ado, let me tell you the different ways OnlyTease is a totally awesome site.


You know what they say in the police department, you can’t be forced to masturbate for the sake of evidence through a sperm sample. It is something that must be voluntary, otherwise it will be considered unconstitutional. Why? The main rationale, it is something that involves the use of the mind rather than mere material proof. On another angle, it could lead to mental issues and whatnot. But that’s the beauty of it the mind, man can live in it with pure happiness, a mental nirvana, a sweet escape to all the problems in life. That is where the essence of OnlyTease lies, it gives you so many reasons to get an arousal without having to get that frivolous submission. In that way, you can really give some respect to the girls; that they can be sexual without having to be touched all out.

This is actually a massive site we are talking about and we are talking about thousands here. To date, OnlyTease has around 2600 videos to watch with each video not going below the 7 minute mark. They highly specialize in softcore porn, which explains the part where they focus on lots of striptease videos. That actually meets the purpose, too. If you want to try something new, something bolder without having to show dirty sex swinging here and there, then this is the definitely the place where you need to be right now to get that full enlightenment.

In addition, you can download any video that you want and as many as you can on a day to day basis. All you have to do is sign up for $19.95 a month. The video quality is also in HD, so expect nothing less than super clear video and images. Enjoy!