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A month ago I decided I should finish Les Miserables (Norman Danny trans, unabridged), so I mustered every ounce of patience and finally finished it. No more chunk reading. Very lengthy but worth the days spent (1488 pages), needs commitment I swear on Peter’s rock, slow plot, very richly detailed. Providence versus chance. I had to contemplate and evaluate a lot. Great book. 5/5.

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And if you’re a strong believer of the Mayan prophecy, and if you’re really ready to be abducted by the crazy idea please give me your valuables tomorrow, I’d be glad to take them freely with my hands. Read Les Miserables and your perceptions are going to change. It’s just as cathartic as the site I’m going to review today that goes by the name of Black TGirls.


You know you love them black bitches. And if you want to be deluged with a buttload of them in porn videos, Black TG is the site for you. It’s got a colossal database dedicated only for black women porn, because the same principle applies, the blacks will always have the talent, brain and the beauties. What more in the art of sensual immersion? You see there are certain types of darkness that cannot be resisted, that are impossible to elude from. You’ll have more of an affirmation to that once you get to visit the Black TG’s list of vids to choose from.

As mentioned, there is a colossal deal of vids to watch in the Black T Girls database. Currently, there are 3,000 plus to choose from. Just as that is the case, there are also 3,000 plus photo galleries that spring off to over millions of photos of the most exquisite black girls across the Western Civilizations. Each video is good for at least 26 minutes of playback. The site updates on a weekly basis and there are several bonus items by the month. Also, there’s a model index to make your life much easier when trying to find a certain model.

Overall, I would give the site a 10 out of 10 just as it is collectively rated a 9.5 out of 10. Black TGirls, with its awesome videos, is capable of effacing the sense of prejudice in every perv and make him believe that all girls are beautiful.

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