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Digital Playground simple plan is to stick to what they advertise on their tour page. They want to make sure that all members have full access to their HD pornographic goodness and that you overdose on the quality pornstar video action that they have. They want to make you an addict, more correctly their addict!

Get 67% off Digital Playground

$17.95 for one month or $10.00/mo. for one year


And considering the kind of things we are looking at inside the tour page, this is very much a possibility. From the tour page, the next stop is the member’s area and here we found a lot more than we expected!


The member’s area is made in a way that no one can ignore the beauty of the material inside. The layout of the page plays up the erotic nasty pornstar smut action inside in a very good way. If they can make things easy and appealing for you, then it’s clear that you will spend more time inside their site. That is what they do. The updates come rushing in through the door weekly, 6 to 7 a week. You will be able to use tools that include tags, search tools, keywords, niches/categories, popularity, rating, date, and other features. The DVD look nice and they have 503+ inside, 1500+ picture galleries, and hundreds of models.

For the gals, you can see them nicely placed inside the model index. The information inside is updated religiously by the site making it detailed and very interesting. The material that they now produce is encased in HD graphics. That means you are looking at high-resolution images and 720p to 1080p clarity that is splendid all round. They do not have downloading options (something that irks us a lot) but the flash player streams every single detail you desire. If you need the DVD, productions that the company makes you can buy them and have them. If you are satisfied with streaming the porn, then get your tissue and start moaning as soon as you click “play” on any of the site’s productions.

If you run out of patience, you can stream small chunks of the DVD full length features. The hardcore material covers nasty hard penetrations of all holes from anal mouth to pussy. It also covers a litany of niches, with different angles, different models, different everything really! The coverage is nice because it gives members variety, but does it also offer them quality productions? Well, as far as the filming and production goes, there is nothing that can be disputed about the way that DP does its job. They are professionals. The images do offer low res quality that is not impressive as such, but they are still nice. The extras that you can find inside are things like behind scene action, some feeds, live chat functions, etc. the behind scene material is well over 270 videos by now.

The simple reason that Digital Playground has fans is because they do produce some astounding material. They have not disappointed as far as movie and pornstar porn production goes all the years they have been online. The site has hundreds of HD videos, and has the kind of deal that you should take advantage of. Check them out!

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