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When they first started, Fame Digital probably did not think that they would develop into such a super good network. They could not predict the future, but with hard work and now over 30 sites, they can safely claim that the current future is looking very bright for them indeed!

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The themes covered by the sites inside are different, interesting, and the variety is something special. They have a lot of official sites for some famed pornstars, directors, babes/models. The network also has a working relationship with many of the biggest studio production houses in the industry. The sources for all the DVD action porn you get inside this network is vetted, quality production.


The total amount of niches they have is not so easily ascertainable but they do have over 38 niches that they cover. That is one long list of variety right there! So many of the sites inside can so easily become your favorites. The network dumps some 18800+ videos and 18800+ picture galleries for members to watch. For hundreds of porn fans, that is enough information to seal the deal as far as joining this network goes. Those craving more info please do gather around! Having 30 sites means that the network has the freedom to experiment and cover things that other sites would not. It also means that the network has to invest heavily in navigation. They don’t want you to get lost in the sea of porn and start feeling frustrated more than horny and ready to cum!

You will be able to navigate smoothly. You get streaming/downloading movies. You can go site to site, check updates across network, or simply zoom into either niches, names, models, or other options available to you. They have search engine features. You can expect the material to have that DVD studio feel to it. They have hundred of material in full HD mode. The fast servers help in downloading and streaming. The DVD movies are cut into clips, easier to watch the clips. The model index they exhibit falls into the bracket of pretty basis, not a lot of info in there. But then again if all you want is information, maybe the site more suitable to your needs is Wikipedia, otherwise if hot niches hardcore-sex pornstars boobs asses and cum is what you seek, you will have plenty of that inside this network.

The video normally last 40 minutes, and the pic gallery is not bad but it also not the best. They have galleries inside with watermarked pics. One set of pics can have as many as 200 images inside. Again, a large percentage of the pics will satisfy most hardcore porn lovers. The insane-like volume you receive from Fame Digital is something to seriously take into consideration. They are a reputable company, with lots of pornstars, and thousands of hours of hardcore niches that will make your dick hurt very bad (but in a good way! LOL). You should check them out seriously!

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