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Men are so good at stereotyping women and this is a sad reality. But then again, a reality’s a reality and since you have become aware of this, you need to be the one to adjust and make sure that in your own ways, you are able to make the world a better place to live in the appearance of a gentleman, respecting the welfare of women.

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With that being said, make sure that when you want something from a woman, ask her politely and seek for her consent. Don’t take things out of coercion. And in a site I’m going to review today, it will tell you how to approach women, illustratively, on how you can ask her for anal sex, which is painful yet liberating as fuck. It’s called Lets Try Anal, so read on.


To have a penis comes the inevitability to insert it in a woman’s hole. But, it also comes to mind sometimes, how would it be to stick that dick inside that ass pit? You will see a full view of how anal sex works through Let’s Try. Fact: It actually hurts according to most women who have tried it. Nonetheless, they say it comes with a different type of orgasm, making it actually feel like a good kind of pain. It’s actually one of the fantasies of women to be doggy styled to be fucked not only in the pussy from the rear but also right into her booty.

Today, there are exactly 119 videos in the Let’s Try Anal database. It’s not really much, but every video is worth 25 minutes, which is more than the conventional porn clips, making them considerably mid-lengthed films. All the videos are originally owned by the company and they are all rendered in HD. On top of that, you can download any of the videos you want, so you’ll have some real keeps on your device or computer.

For that matter, we’re gonna have to consider the models — are they hot? Hell yeah, hot as newly forged blades, which is probably the most appropriate simile with them being workshopped and trained or self-experienced through the day to day sensual triggers of life. For something worth $9.95 (discounted), it’s definitely better than what it actually is. Lets Try Anal, folks!

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