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Balance is important, but there is a certain kind of enigma in the beauty of subtlety. It’s all about not giving much, but enough to get someone motivated.

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There are things that give that kind of effect in a person’s life. Such is the case with the site I am going to give a review about today. It’s a virtual space where you will find yourself in a striptease club, only that you are actually in the confines of your home or wherever you are using your media device for that matter. Without further ado, let me tell you the different ways OnlyTease is a totally awesome site.


You know what they say in the police department, you can’t be forced to masturbate for the sake of evidence through a sperm sample. It is something that must be voluntary, otherwise it will be considered unconstitutional. Why? The main rationale, it is something that involves the use of the mind rather than mere material proof. On another angle, it could lead to mental issues and whatnot. But that’s the beauty of it the mind, man can live in it with pure happiness, a mental nirvana, a sweet escape to all the problems in life. That is where the essence of OnlyTease lies, it gives you so many reasons to get an arousal without having to get that frivolous submission. In that way, you can really give some respect to the girls; that they can be sexual without having to be touched all out.

This is actually a massive site we are talking about and we are talking about thousands here. To date, OnlyTease has around 2600 videos to watch with each video not going below the 7 minute mark. They highly specialize in softcore porn, which explains the part where they focus on lots of striptease videos. That actually meets the purpose, too. If you want to try something new, something bolder without having to show dirty sex swinging here and there, then this is the definitely the place where you need to be right now to get that full enlightenment.

In addition, you can download any video that you want and as many as you can on a day to day basis. All you have to do is sign up for $19.95 a month. The video quality is also in HD, so expect nothing less than super clear video and images. Enjoy!

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